About Us

The Bike On New Zealand Charitable Trust is a registered charity (CC44779) founded in 2010 that aims to help more New Zealanders to experience the many joys and benefits of riding a bike.

Our Vision

Regular and equal access to bikes and bike tracks within the school environment for all New Zealand school children.

What we do

We offer free advice about project managing, funding and implementation to any school or local council in New Zealand interested in a Bikes in Schools project.

Using the knowledge and experiences gained from working with schools all over New Zealand, our free detailed “guide and template” information attempts to explain the what, why and how of understanding and implementing a Bikes in Schools (or similar) project at any school.

Bikes in Schools in action

This short video provides a simple introduction and explanation of Bikes in Schools.

Please visit our YouTube channel to see what some other schools have done.

Bikes in Schools snapshot

Bikes in Schools or similar projects across New Zealand have so far helped over 30,000 schoolchildren at 100+ schools get to ride a bike on a regular and equal basis at school.

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